enjoy a roguelike arcade classic top-down shooter with hidden features

Casual redefined

Apolune is a game that pushes its own envelope with every kill. Dodge red lasers and blast the baddies as you unlock special abilities and achieve a higher and higher ranking score. Parse the manual for information on how to configure Apolune to run at any resolution! Supports Windows and STEAM Client. Over 20 achievements and 4 global leaderboards. The game never stops evolving, even after 3000 kills!

Lost Astronaut Studios is an indie house

By Gamers, For Gamers

No crass executive mumbo-jumbo here! Lost Astronaut Studios is a small self-funded indie studio located in Western Pennsylvania, USA. A specialization into 2D gaming, with a heavy slant toward space games, Lost Astronaut was founded in 2007 with the ambition to create unique, artistic and retro gaming experiences.

As seen on Space Game Junkie

"I felt I had accomplished something by making it to 81 kills" - Brian Rubin

"I like being the subject of a cheat code" - Jim

"These cheats change the entire game! I'm at 586" - Hunter

"Hello" - Spaz

Includes special two-player co-op modes: shared ship and astrobuddy mode

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